Underwater equipment

Underwater video and sonar systems

• Digital video equipment (mobile & stationary)                              • Underwater video robot (ROV) up to 300m water depth

Diving equipment

• Kirby Morgan B18, SL27, SL37
                                                   • Excess pressure system AH3 

• Fully fitted 10ft and 2ft diver containers
  for inshore und offshore work

Measuring and position-finding technology

• Device for measuring residual wall thickness
  according to BAW up to DN 300mm
• Underwater metal detector for locating pipelines,
  siphons and anchors
• High-resolution scanning sonar TH-HSS system
 • Side-scan sonar

Suction and flushing technology

• Dredger pumps up to 1800 cbm/hour                                        • High-pressure scavenging pumps
• Exhauster up to DN 300mm
  • Water injectors

High-pressure cleaning

• Mobile HP cleaner up to 500 bar                                              • Container station up to 2000 bar

Hydraulic systems

• Diamond core drill up to DN 600mm                                        • Concrete diamond chain saw
• Concrete diamond wall saw
 • Caulking hammers
• Wood chain saw
 • Hydraulic press up to 2000 bar
•Wood and steel drilling devices  

Underwater corrosion protection

• Air sandblasting device                                                              • High-pressure water-jet with sandblasting unit

Deep-diving and offshore systems

• Six-man offshore decompression chamber
  GL-approved (HAUX)
                    • Four-man inshore decompression chamber (HAUX)

• Deep-diving system TDT® with telescope tube 
 • Nitrox mixed-gas system up to 40% O2
• Trimix mixed-gas system in 10ft container with
  video control up to 120m water depth

Other underwater equipment

• Emergency power plants up to 110 kVA                 •
Lifting bags ranging from 100kg to 20t